Whose ‘crème de la crème’?

Awww, for cryin’ out loud—four little pages written by Dr. Paul Maier about ULBRA! I know he could say a lot more—I’ve heard him speak!

Seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed the article, very heart-warming and edifying, and it shows what can happen when our hearts really turn toward Lutheran education: Forget closing one school that happens to be in trouble. Open five more instead!

Were all six of those schools then “crème de la crème”? Depends on whose “crème” you’re talking about— that of the local gentry, or God’s “crème.”

The seminary mentioned: Was it built in the 1940s? My cousin, Rev. Arnold Schneider, was a missionary to Brazil, and he was instrumental in developing their seminary for pastors. He used to come stateside on leave, and then he would preach at my home church, St. John, Chester, Ill., and my father was always very eager to go to church that Sunday.

Thanks for the Witness. I enjoy it.

Catharine E. Bluege
Belvidere, Ill.


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