A healing laugh

I admit I don’t often read the “Shedding Some Light” column in The Lutheran Witness, so when soprano Dorothy said, “Check out the April issue,” I was delighted to find “A Swell Occasion.” She also reminded me that the choir-member punster was (ta-da!) bass Ron Pawlitz, bless his heart. Thank you for taking this organist’s painful memory and turning it into a healing laugh.

I have to share another “healing laugh” from my career: Years ago, on Sunday School Rally Day, I decided to improvise during the offering on some of my favorite childhood songs, among them “Jesus Loves Children.” Imagine the look on my face when, after the service, a worshiper commented that he was a bit surprised to hear me play “Rock-a-Bye, Baby” in church. I only regret that I never got to share that anecdote with my sainted mentor, Paul Manz, but I’m sure he’s laughing now up yonder.

Paul W. Schmalz
Minister of Music Emeritus
Calvary Lutheran Church
Kansas City, Mo.


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