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I was encouraged after reading Ed Szeto’s article in the March Lutheran Witness: “2010 March for Life—a Reflection.”

I sometimes feel we LCMS Lutherans, as well as Christians all over America, have become desensitized to the destruction of our little ones in the 37 years of legal abortions.

Mr. Szeto’s mention of assisted suicide laws in Montana should serve as a reminder that Satan never stops pushing. He would love nothing better than to see abortion laws grow to include old folks, the terminally ill, and anyone whose care creates a burden for others.

Not everyone can participate in prolife marches and movements, but everyone can pray. Christians everywhere need to become revitalized about this awful situation and, if not already there, get this on their daily prayer list. An occasional reminder from the pulpit would certainly be in order.

Martin Luther prayed, and the entire course of Christianity was turned back in the right direction.

Were this abortion law to end today and forgiveness be granted on the spot, only God knows how long it would take for the damage from this great sin to run its course.

We all know what prayer can do, but only if it takes place. We as a country will have to answer for this; so with that in mind, on the Last Day, may we
be able to say, “I did what I could.”

Thank you for this chance to be heard, and thank you for the great job you folks do each month.

Ted Thamert
First Lutheran Church
Texarkana, Texas


Thank you for Lay Minister Szeto’s “reflection” on the 2010 March for Life in our nation’s Capitol (March Lutheran Witness).

On Jan. 23, we had our sixth annual “West Coast Walk for Life” here in San Francisco. Among the thousands of walkers, mostly coming from all over California and many other places, we were blessed to have two pastors, a seminarian, a youth leader, and parishioners from both C–N–H and English District congregations. While many Catholics were praying rosaries, we sang as we walked along: “Crown Him with Many Crowns,” “Beautiful Savior,” “Amazing Grace,” “The Old Rugged Cross,” and more.

We locals were from Hope, New Life Chinese, Shepherd of the Hills, and West Portal Lutheran churches. We pray that more will join us next year.

Thank you.

Felton Howe Jr.
Shepherd of the Hills
San Francisco, Calif.


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