Checking my To Do list

I just opened up the latest issue of The Lutheran Witness (April), and it reminded me of my To Do list.

One of the items listed was to send a letter to you, thanking you for “Receiving Consolation” in the March issue.

I have a daughter who has been struggling with the guilt she feels from something (a sin) that occurred  more than a year ago. We, her family, have tried to bring  her comfort through the Word, but she still could not “feel” the forgiveness God was offering her. After reading “Receiving Consolation,” she finally was able to release that sin to Jesus and have peace. 

Thank you, thank you, “Jennifer Smith” for writing  the story—and also a big thank-you to the pastor in the story, who was thoughtful enough to submit it to The Lutheran Witness. It has made a difference in my daughter’s life.

A mom who loves her daughter
Name and address withheld by request


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