Come down to earth, please!

I have been reading The Lutheran Witness since I was young (30+ years) and have often found it to be written in language better suited for seminary professors and pastors. The ordinary layperson in our churches may have to struggle through articles written in a pedantic style and language.

Where are the articles that pertain to the ordinary life as a Christian? LCMS members endure divorce, depression, grief, job loss, etc. Reading about Reformation leaders may be fine for some, but I would like to see more relevant topics for today—help us in our daily walk with Christ—don’t keep us locked in the Reformation past.

People in our parishes are struggling in this world—they don’t need to get out a dictionary in order to read a church publication. Come down to earth, and reach out to the layperson.

Lesa Harr
Sioux Falls, S.D.


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