Lutheran Witness: October 2010

Four hundred ninety-three years ago, a Roman Catholic monk named
Martin Luther nailed 95 arguments against a practice of the Catholic
Church to a door.

What, you may be wondering, does that matter to
me? After all, this isn’t 1517, I don’t live in Germany, and Luther is dead!

The good news? The Lutheran Witness has some answers.

  • From the President: Witness: Before God and to the World
  • From the Editor: To the Reader


  • What Makes America American?— James Heine
  • Hitting the Million Mark — Emily Barlean
  • It’s Mission Month — Stacey Welcenbach
  • In the End, It Is All Christ— Richard C. Eyer
  • What a Difference Half a Millennium Makes! — Robert Kolb


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  • Letters
  • Q & A
  • Notices
  • Searching Scripture
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