Shedding Some Light

Say What?

On a Sunday evening, Jason, age 5, was stalling going to bed. As usual, first it was one thing, then another. Just as Dad’s patience began to fade, Jason asked for a glass of juice. After a pause, the request was granted by a tired Dad, who then successfully guided Jason in the direction of his bedroom.

Inside, Jason stalled again. “I want another glass of juice,” he said.

“No, sir,” Dad answered firmly. “No more juice. I’m king of the juice in this house, and you’ve had enough tonight.”

“That’s not right, Daddy,” Jason retorted.

“Today, our Sunday School teacher said Jesus is the king of the juice!”



Thanks for the Warning!

  • Never hang curtains while standing on a rocking chair.

  • Never snack in a dark kitchen during ant season.

  • Never install a pet door if you live in skunk country.

  • Never roast a turkey without inspecting the neck cavity.

  • Never hide a pie in the clothes dryer.

George Kottwitz
Trinity Lutheran Church
Edwardsville, Ill.

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