Shedding Some Light

Situation Ethics?

There’s a certain inconsistency in the way we insist our butcher’s scale be absolutely, positively correct; yet we don’t object too much if our bathroom scale fools around a bit with the numbers.

George Kottzwitz
Trinity Lutheran Church
Edwardsville, Ill.


More Pastoral Puns

The old pastor had preached thousands of sermons, but now he was finding an odd thing: when it came to writing about the New Testament apostles, he was suffering a loss; but if he directed his work to Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Daniel, he found that he could still turn a prophet.

Rev. Greg Eilers
St. John Lutheran Church
Port Hope, Mich.


A Geography Lesson

A group of retired men meet each Tuesday morning to drink coffee. At a recent meeting, Howard, one of our regulars, asked, “Do you know that one of the states of our United States is mentioned in the Bible?”

The rest of us just sat there and wondered what Howard was talking about. Here was his humorous answer: “When Noah looked from the Arkandsaw that the water had receded, he let all the animals go.”

Rev. L. Aurich, Emeritus
Independence, Mo.

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