Youth ministry and our culture

“Thoughts on Youth Ministry in a Postmodern Culture” is disappointing. The author’s introduction makes it clear that, while the article is couched in the voice of a youth talking to us, in fact, the speaker is only the author’s fictional creation.

Why should we give any more credence to this fictional invention than to some other? Beyond this problem, there is the troubling suggestion that the Church must be tutored by our culture. That has been tried before, and the result was a golden calf. No one is going to suggest that youth be driven like rats from the Church, nor that they should not be taken seriously as persons. That position does not exist. What this article does accomplish, however, is that it adds fuel to the already too-prevalent notion that the Church must be steered by the culture. This article does not serve the Bride of Christ; rather, it injures her.

Rev. Joel Picard
Knoxville, Iowa


Thank you for the thoughtful and beautiful articles about youth in your April 2010 issue. I found both Dr. Francisco’s and Dr. Oldenburg’s articles challenging and helpful. The observations made by both of these men would be enlightening for any congregation to read and take to heart. “Thoughts on Youth Ministry in a Postmodern Culture” was especially informative. Please pursue this topic further and continue to give us more information and aid in our church’s continuing endeavor to show Christ to the youth of our congregations.

Rev. Michael Boothby
Cole Camp, Mo.


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