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It was good to see the “In Memoriam” included in the monthly Lutheran Witness with a bit of detail. Now we see only birth and death dates— like cold tombstones. How many of our not-computer-savvy are going to quickly go online to check out greater details on the death of a pastor or teacher? How about trying to figure out how to reduce the aired-out spaces throughout the periodical and put some flesh back on the bare-bones death notices?

Rev. Allen Konrad, Emeritus
Rowley, Iowa

We certainly do not wish to lessen the importance of the pious work of our church’s dedicated shepherds and other workers. Instead, the abbreviated notices are a result of Res. 6-08, which was passed by the 2010 Synod in convention. As such, “the obituary notices shall include only the notification of death in the printed version of The Lutheran Witness with the online location of the full obituary indicated in the publication.” In short, please know that the Witness remains committed to giving thanks for and commemorating the faithful service of our rostered church workers. —Ed.


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