Physical vs. spiritual disease

I do not wish in any way to quarrel with my friend Rev. John Nunes with regard to the importance of the Lutheran Malaria Initiative. However, one sobering correction ought to be made with regard to his contention that, “Malaria is the number one killer of children globally.” Recent World Health Organization statistics reveal that around 1 million people die annually as a result of malaria. Up to 80 percent of those deaths may be African children.

To put this into perspective, it would be appropriate to note that the WHO places the annual number of deaths due to abortion at 46 million. Malaria is not the number one killer of children. Abortion is. The disparity between these two numbers suggests that it is easier for us to attack a physical disease with nets and medicine than it is to address a spiritual disease that convinces us that unborn children are expendable.

Rev. Terry Forke
Billings, Mont.


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