Why not?

I read with great interest Rev. Derek Roberts’ story, but wanted to add one question to the top of his “Technology Litmus Test.” I think that the first question would be more like, “Why not?” If we have access to media and technology that will allow others hear the message of Jesus in a myriad of ways, “Why not use it?” Technology is somewhat inert on its own but can be used for the wonderful transmission of the Gospel. After all, “faith comes from hearing the message” (Rom. 10:17).

Instead of a defensive posture, let’s get creative and use all the gifts God has given, and if a screen and projector work in a church, by all means celebrate with that congregation rather than become defensive. Let’s look first to move positively, and then make our corrections along the way.

Rev. Timothy M. Klinkenberg
Orange, Calif.


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