Does God Want Tim Tebow to Win? (Web-exclusive story)

by Rev. Hans Fiene

After Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow led his team to six, fourth-quarter/overtime comebacks this season, people have wondered, Since Tim Tebow is a devout Christian who isnt afraid to talk about his faith in public, is God responsible for these victories?  Does God want Tebow and his team to win?  But whenever this question has been asked, many have been quick to respond with a resounding no. With confidence they assert, God doesnt care about football.

But I don’t think we can say that. God might care about football. In fact, He might even want Tebow and the Broncos to win.

While some might object to the idea of God caring about football (or any other sport) because it is far too insignificant to catch the attention of the One who created the heavens and the earth, the Bible paints a far different picture for usone of a God who cares deeply about the most insignificant of people and who intervenes in the humblest of circumstances in order to bless the world. God cared so much about the cries of an insignificant, barren woman named Rachel that He opened her womb and gave her a son. He cared so much about a little shepherd boy named David that He gave him victory over lions and bears when he tended his flock.

And in caring deeply about these seemingly insignificant people, God blessed the entire world. Through Rachels son Joseph, God preserved His people in Egypt and preserved the seed that would give mankind its Savior in Jesus Christ. Through David, God brought forth a king whose throne would one day be filled by the King of kings, who now sits on that throne in glory.

And God might choose to bless His people in the same way, somehow, through something as insignificant as a football game. God might have granted the Broncos these victories so that sinners will hear Tim Tebow or another Christian confess Christ and His salvation. In the same way, God might deal some other quarterback a crushing Super Bowl defeat in order to get him out of the NFL, into the seminary and then into a congregation where he will faithfully serve the Church with the forgiveness of sins.

Of course, we dont know if God ever has cared about sports in this way or if He ever will. Because the Scriptures are silent on this matter, we cant answer the question of whether or not God cares about football with any authority.

But with the authority of the Bible behind us, we can say that God does care about us. He loves the lowly who catch footballs and cherishes the insignificant who merely watch them do it. God loves Tim Tebow and every other sinner who has been covered in the blood of Christ. And He will never cease to bless us with that blood, whether He uses the National Football League to do that or not.

About the Author: The Rev. Hans Fiene is pastor of River of Life Lutheran Church in Channahon, Ill.

January 2012

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