Lutheran Witness: August 2012

In this issue of The Lutheran Witness, we tell the stories of soldiers and the chaplains who care for them. Throughout the following pages, these military personnel help us understand how the LCMS is poised to care for these heroes who are in our midst, in our congregations and in our communities. To watch these warriors tell their stories, go to

  • From the President: Pastors, Love Your People!
  • From the Editor: To the reader


  • Wounded Souls Made Whole — Daniel Gard
  • Standing Ready — Adriane Dorr
  • Left Behind — Katie Schuermann
  • Just Cause — Mark J. Schreiber
  • Can Christians Be Soldiers? — Adam Francisco


  • 10 Minutes with… General John Vessey
  • 10 Minutes with…Colonel Bud Day
  • Letters
  • This month in church Marching Orders — Greg Wismar
  • Family Matters Strengthening Bonds — Michael & Janet Frese
  • Notices
  • Searching Scripture Jesus is for soldiers too — Rev. Matthew Lorfeld

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