Pastoral formation

Thank you for the strong affirmation of the importance of residential education in the cause of ministerial formation, which remains at the heart of both our seminaries and which we will abandon to our peril (February). But it should also be noted that such high value does come with a significant cost, and that this burden is no longer borne by the corporate church through subsidy. . . . At the same time, other modes and alternate routes, including the distinct niche and strengths of ethnic and SMP programs, will continue to have an appropriate place in raising up faithful and effective shepherds of God’s flock.

Andrew Bartelt, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Concordia Seminary
St. Louis, Mo.

Please tell me when and where the pictures on the cover and pages 1011 of the February Lutheran Witness were taken. What was the occasion for the gathering of so many men wearing red stoles?

H. Douglas Rathjen
Christiansburg, Va.

The photos were taken on the occasion of LCMS President Matthew C. Harrison’s installation in July 2010, when over 150 clergy participated in the service.

What a delight to see so many happy faces shown on the February cover and in the pages inside of clergy enjoying life. Too often Christians walk around with faces of someone who has just eaten some bad food.

Doris Clark
Superior, Neb.


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