February 2013 Letters to the Editor

I want to thank you and commend you for your choice of authors for your articles. It is encouraging to see clear, scriptural teaching for all ages. You are helping pass on our heritage as Lutherans to the next generation. Please know that your work is much appreciated. We do not want to hear from “the progressives” as one of the letters to the editor in the latest LW said. We have heard plenty and already know what they think. We want confessional Lutheranism. We are not non-denominational. We do not change our doctrine every time the wind blows a new direction. We want our children to grow up being faithful to the Confessions, not ashamed of them. Thank you!

Rev. Juan D. Palm
North Morristown, Minn.


The articles in the November 2012 issue of The Lutheran Witness were insightful reminders of the blessings and challenges experienced by pastors, their families and the congregations they serve. However, I hope that there will be a forthcoming issue focusing exclusively on the relationships with our beloved Synod’s commissioned ministers, who serve alongside us pastors in team ministry, as there was virtually nothing in all the articles to include the commissioned ministers in the foucs of care and life together.

Rev. John Gierke
Conway, Ark.


I can’t put the December issue down, beginning with Pastor Harrison’s “Joy Over Life” all the way to “Christmas is Real.”  And Christopher Hull’s “Songs of Joy” made me more keenly aware of how much I miss the traditional Missouri Synod liturgy that is so sadly missing from our worship services today.  Pastor Hull points out that “The Church’s liturgy teaches and gives the forgiveness purchased for us in the death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ,” and yet, because we are afraid we might frighten people away from our worship, we have taken our beautiful liturgy out of our worship and replaced it with guitars, drums and keyboards and turned our church music into entertainment rather than worship. How sad!

Richard E. Schroeder
Las Vegas, Nev.

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