June/July 2013 Letters

Thanks for the excellent quality of articles in Lutheran Witness lately. I really appreciate more solid Lutheran teaching and articles that may be used for study or further research for discussion groups. The tone is also more firm and allows us to take a certain amount of pride in our heritage and Confessions. Growing up LCMS, at times I was sort of ashamed of my heritage due to heavy popularity of Evangelicalism. Now I am more firmly grounded and actually happy to be Lutheran because of the Law and Gospel focus and Word and Sacrament.

Kent A. Seetin
Omaha, Neb.

I got this address from the Lutheran Witness March 2013 edition. Finally! This is the type of edition I would like to see more of in the future. Very informative about what we believe.  This edition has a lot of substance. I can’t explain what the others were lacking, but if you could make future editions more like this one, that would be great.  Thank you for a wonderful Lutheran Witness this month!

Susan Harris
Girard, Kansas

How very fortunate we are to have Pastor Matthew Harrison as leader of our great Synod.  His monthly message is always relevant, but his use of Matthew 5-15 (bushel and light) struck me as perhaps the most timely and relevant in the last 50 years.

We need to shout it from the hilltops that all abortion is murder, homosexual marriage is an abomination and you can’t remove God from our public institutions. Most of us want to be “nice” and don’t want to offend anyone, but did Christ operate under those rules when he threw the moneychangers out of His temple?
How many know about the Lutheran Pastor Martin Niemoller and the Nazi persecution of the Jews?  His poem “When they came to get the Jews” is a classic pointing out the danger of doing nothing.  Are we living those times once again?

Jerry Crew
Webb, Iowa


Just wanted you to know how much my son enjoys reading The Lutheran Witness.  He lives in a Lutheran supported group home–Mosaic of Rockford, Illinois.  We first learned about your publication through an ad in the Portals of Prayer publication which I also subscribe to for him.  Lance is 37 years old and is a very high functioning person with autism.  He realized he was missing the February edition because my mail was forwarded during that month while we were in Florida, and I don’t think that the post office forwarded the third class mail.  The lady I called nicely sent me a replacement issue for Lance which I received in the mail today.

Cheryl Kinsinger
Washington, Ill.

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