May 2013 Letters to the Editor

I just read the article, Cant We All Just Get Along in the March 2013 issue of The Lutheran Witness. I was more than a little surprised about what we Lutherans are supposed to believe regarding the Lords Supper. The Lords Supper, as beneficial as it is, does not forgive sins. Forgiveness of sins is a free gift, given by grace, those who believe in Jesus as the Son of God who died, was buried and rose again as atonement for our sins. The Lords Supper serves to remind us of the sacrifice of Jesus and to strengthen our faith. To say that it is a source of forgiveness is not Scriptural; it adds a works requirement for the free gift of God to all who believe.

Charles F. Hawkins
Beaumont, Texas

I wanted to take just a moment to congratulate you all on the fine publication that is The Lutheran Witness. As a recent subscriber and non-Lutheran, I applaud the effort and resulting product nonetheless. I am Reformed/Presbyterian, yet I have a large degree of respect for my Lutheran brethren and their commitment to traditional, apostolic, biblical Christianity. Your liturgies are beautiful, reverent and God-exalting. I listen regularly to LPR and its beautiful music. Your focus on grace in justification and all glory being God’s is a message this world is desperately in need of today. Again, thanks for the wonderful magazine; the articles are all enriching my walk with God. As a junior high/high school Bible teacher and dean of students at a non-denominational Christian school in central Maine, I laud your efforts and send my highest regards!

Mark Smedberg
Oakland, Maine

The March 2013 number of The Lutheran Witness is one of the most troubling I have ever read. It is filled with innuendo, false claims, defamation of fellow Lutherans and other Christians. Believe me, the reader of The Lutheran Witness in our homes is not as religiously ignorant as you may think; many of them, and myself, know where this unChrist-like approach is coming from. You will only be able to go so far with your “truths.”

Rev. Richard W. Patt (retired)
Wauwatosa, Wisc.

I’m writing you to thank you for turning The Lutheran Witness around and making it a magazine again worth reading. I have found myself reading the magazine cover to cover. I want to especially compliment you on your last 2 issues. The life issue (January 2013) and youth issue (February 2013) were especially well done. While I am far from being a youth, I found myself reading every article and even rereading the articles by Pastor Pauls, Fisk and Rohde.

Ben Crawford
Plano, Texas

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