Lutheran Witness: May 2017



From the editor

The word “persecution” used to conjure up images of lions, bloodied bodies and the Colosseum. Today, the picture is just as gruesome — witness the recent Palm Sunday bombings in Egypt (see cover) — but also often takes the equally ominous form of black masks, orange jumpsuits and online videos.

In this issue, you’ll look backward and forward when it comes to suffering for the faith, learning more about the martyrs both in the Early Church and in the church of the Reformation. You’ll also gain resources on how to prepare for future persecution and discover why catechesis is especially critical in withstanding it.

You’ll be encouraged to memorize God’s Word. You’ll re-learn that it’s your job to teach the faith to your family. And you’ll be heartened in the importance of knowing why you believe what you believe.

Finally, you’ll also get a brief primer on how to pray in the midst of suffering, find the countries where Christians are most under attack and hear how the LCMS is coming alongside those brothers and sisters in need.

When it comes to persecution, the “devil is after us,” notes one of this month’s authors, the Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller, “but through it all, the Lord keeps His own in His mercy.” Lions or the Colosseum, masks or videos, He does … and He will!

Adriane Heins, Managing Editor
The Lutheran Witness

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