Lutheran Witness: October 2020

The October Lutheran Witness reflects on the book of Galatians: its historical context, its impact on the Reformation, and its message of Good News for Christians.


  • The Situation at Galatia — John G. Nordling
  • An Epistle of Cruciform Freedom — Kevin Armbrust
  • The Beloved Epistle — Robert Kolb
  • Male and Female — A. Andrew Das
  • Faith Working Through LoveMark Surburg
  • An Invitation to Luther’s Lectures — Travis Loeslie


  • world views: A monthly news column from Gene Edward Veith
  • searching scriptures: The Promise of Christ — Matthew Wood
  • bene+diction: Formed & Reformed — Heather C. Smith

2 thoughts on “Lutheran Witness: October 2020”

  1. I am trying to find answers for the item “The Promise of Christ,” in the October 2020 issue of The Lutheran Witness but don’t seem to be savy enough or patient enough to find them. PLEASE help!

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