Write for LW in 2021: Part 2

Are you a writer? Are you interested in writing for The Lutheran Witness

For 140 years, The Lutheran Witness has taught and educated English-speaking Lutherans all over the world. We teach what the Bible teaches; we confess the doctrine of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. We warn against false doctrine; we hold up the history of the church; we celebrate Lutheran hymnody. We are unabashedly Lutheran because we are unabashedly biblical. 

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We are looking for writers to submit outlines and articles on the following topics:

September: Funeral Planning

The Christian life is one of confession; Christian death, also, confesses what we believe and why we believe it. Lutheran funerals do not tend to focus on the deceased, but on the work of Christ. As with all things, even Lutheran funerals point to Christ and Him crucified.

Articles could include:

  • Hymns at death and burial
  • Comforting those left behind
  • Funeral rites
  • Funeral planning

Submission deadline: June 1

October: A Reader’s Guide to the Book of Concord

The Reader’s Edition to the Book of Concord, published by Concordia Publishing House and edited by the Rev. Paul T. McCain, did more to raise awareness of the Lutheran confessions in the English-speaking world since David Henkel. When it comes to looking at the world from a biblical perspective — that is also a Lutheran perspective — knowing the Lutheran Confessions are a must. This issue of The Lutheran Witness, in honor of Paul T. McCain, provides an introduction to these confessions and will help guide our readers in understanding why they are important.

Articles could include:

  • The historical context of the Book of Concord
  • What is confessional subscription?
  • Why is the Book of Concord important?
  • How do the Book of Concord and the Bible relate to each other?

Submission deadline: July 1

November: A Lutheran Perspective

This issue does not have a theme. Why? For the November issue of The Lutheran Witness, we are going to take the best 6–10 articles submitted over the last year and publish them. You writers out there: Sharpen your pencils and uncap your pens. This issue is for you. Give us the best you got.

Articles could include:

  • Anything that helps our readers look at the world from a Lutheran perspective.

Submission deadline: August 1

December: Christmas Canticles

During the Christmas season, we read — and hear — the Christmas canticles from Luke. We sing these regularly in our worship services, but the season of Christmas gives them context. This issue will help you understand how these canticles connect key Old Testament figures to Jesus and why we use them in the church’s worship.

The canticles we will discuss include:

  • The Magnificat
  • Zechariah’s Song
  • The Angel’s Proclamation
  • The Nunc Dimittis
  • The Hymns of Paul

Submission deadline: September 1

4 thoughts on “Write for LW in 2021: Part 2”

  1. RE: “When it comes to looking at the world from a biblical perspective — that is also a Lutheran perspective — knowing the Lutheran Confessions are a must.”

    A lifelong Lutheran myself, I had thought that the Lutheran view was that ordinary Christians, with the help of the Holy Spirit, can understand the Scriptures directly.

  2. I have been a nurse for 45 years. I am now retired. I would like to write an article about the dying process and how I was blessed when my mother passed. I have shared this content with other s. Would like to write an article about this. I have never wrote an article for a magazine but would like to try.

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