Lutheran Witness: September 2023

The September issue of The Lutheran Witness digs in to the relationship between archaeology and apologetics, discussing the Christian task of defending the faith and the vast mine of data that archaeology provides for enriching our understanding of God’s Word.


  • Jesus and Apologetics: A fresh look at an old conversation Paul L. Maier
  • The Word of the Lord Endures Forever: The New Testament manuscript tradition — Sarah Reinsel
  • The Art of Archaeology: The nitty-gritty details of an archaeological dig — Mark Meehl
  • The Limits of Archaeology: What it can’t tell us — David Adams


  • Snippets: News from around the LCMS and the world
  • Lutheran Education: The Teacher’s Gifts
  • Set Apart to Serve: Appreciating Our Church Workers
  • From the CTCR: The Concept of Fellowship
  • Searching Scripture: All Is Rubbish Compared to Christ

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