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The online musings from pastors, theologians and laity that will help you see the world from a Lutheran perspective. 

Our Great Heritage: Martin Luther

This humble German pastor and professor sought to restore the teachings of Scripture and share the blessing of a comforted conscience.


Cohabitation Hurts More Than a Couple

Cohabitation harms not just the couple’s conscience but the broader Christian community.

On “Easter Mystery” by Maurice Denis

Maurice Denis’ mysterious Easter scene conveys the prophecies fulfilled, and the life won for us, in the Resurrection.

Our Great Heritage: Augustine

A heathen turned heretic turned Christian, this church father helped defend the church against the heresy of works righteousness.

The Sojourner’s Hope

As immigrants poured into New York in the 1800s, LCMS immigrant missions proclaimed God’s Word, provided aid and connected them with LCMS churches.

On ‘Brideshead Revisited’: A Hopeful Community

Brideshead Revisited paints a picture of the church as a hopeful community for those who have lost hope in everything else.

Our Great Heritage: Perpetua and Felicitas

These two women faced death on account of their faith, supporting one another in friendship and trusting always in the love of Christ.

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