Funeral Planning


How grateful I am to The Lutheran Witness and to Jonathan Watt for raising the issue of funeral planning for Lutherans (September 2007 issue). I would simply suggest adding Sacrament to Word. The new Lutheran Service Book puts the two together in a remarkable way in the new Funeral Service.

What a way to “remember your Baptism” (cf. Martin Luther). Then look ahead to the Eucharist and celebrating life with the Saints on earth and in heaven.

Roger Frobe, Chaplain
St. Simons Island, Georgia


The article “Thinking about your funeral” was right on. Our thanks to Jonathan C. Watt. This is an article I will share with families when I am requested to officiate at their loved ones funeral. I have attempted to convey this message to families in the past but he did it so well.

Deacon Dan Zudel
St.Timothy Lutheran Church
Otisville MI


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