God’s “Pro-Life” Bible

by Richard Cody

2007 Jan SearchingImagine for a few minutes that some of the best-known Bible stories happened in our society today events that are central to God’s plan for our eternal salvation. Can you imagine what might have happened if the people in those stories were “pro-choice”? For instance, let’s look at God’s servants Abraham and Sarah.

Why did God wait so long to grant Abraham and Sarah a son? Consider the meaning of Heb. 6:12-15 and Rom. 4:1-5 before writing your answer.

What lessons could an “older” couple today (in their 40s) who get a surprise pregnancy learn from Abraham and Sarah? Read Rom. 8:28 for insight on that and other seemingly difficult situations that happen in life.

According to Gen. 3:14-15, why was it important in God’s plan for Sarah to conceive? What “seed” was at stake here?

How do you see this story from Scripture as a witness against abortion?

What choice should Christians make in pregnancy if the mother’s life is at risk in carrying the baby full-term? Consider God’s servant Rachael, who died giving birth in Gen. 35:18.

Dying in childbirth is not something out of the ordinary in Biblical times . Read 1 Sam. 4:19 20. How do we respond to a situation like this based upon God’s Word in Eph. 1:10-11?

When man attempts to be in control of his future, God often has other plans. Read the story of Judah and Tamar in Genesis 38. This is after Judah and nine of his brothers sold Joseph into slavery. How was Judah being disobedient to God’s Old Testament Law in this story?

Through an act that was both immoral and illegal, Tamar became part of the line of Judah that was to become the foremost of the tribes of Israel. Now read Heb. 7:13-14 and Rev. 5:5 to understand why it was necessary for Tamar to conceive and continue Judah’s line.

Was Tamar wrong for acting as a prostitute?

What lesson is God teaching us in this story? Job 42:1-2 makes the same point about God’s plans.

Pregnancy is a real issue among our young people today. What can we learn from the story of Mary that will help other young women who find themselves pregnant with no where to turn?

Why did God choose Mary to be the virgin mother of our Lord Christ? Read Luke 1:28-30.

Luke 1:38 tells us how Mary responded to the angel Gabriel’s announcement that she would be with Child and give birth to the Son of God. Although Mary’s situation is quite different from a “regular” teen pregnancy, we can, nonetheless, learn how to react from Mary’s response, even when the situation could potentially be embarrassing and shameful for one’s family.

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