Is “Mosaic” descriptive enough?

I read with interest the article by Rev. Ronald E. Nelson entitled “Mosaic–a multiethnic multigenerational church start.”  I am pleased that the CNH District is making the effort to reach out in this way and also with the “successful” results with 210 people attending the “first celebration event.”

I am disturbed, however, by the choice of name for this mission church.
Googling “Mosaic Church” and “Mosaic Ministry” reveals that there are many such groups with divergent doctrinal beliefs and affiliated with different denominations–including one headed by a Jewish rabbi!
While the term “Mosaic” is descriptive of its purpose, it also is confusing because it says nothing about doctrinal basis or church affiliation.  Or is the full title “Mosaic Lutheran Church (or Mission)?

In this age when denominational differences are being downplayed and obscured, let’s not add to the confusion but let the name indicate its doctrinal basis.

Rev. Richard A. Krugler
Vancouver, WA


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