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We’re encouraging our members to use the online version of The Lutheran Witness ( I especially appreciate the Web-exclusive stories. However, why do you require people to subscribe to read the entire article of the current issue? I don’t appreciate “teaser” articles that require the reader to pay to receive the entire article. I don’t think that’s a good way to encourage people to learn more about the Missouri Synod.

Is there a way to make all articles readable online?

Rev. James Kreft
Bethesda, Md.

Pastor Kreft is correct. Each month, just a few items—the cover story, “Letters,” “Lifeline,” and “From the President”—are offered in full on the Witness Web site. The other stories and departments are merely “teased.” As with other magazines, we find that, if we post the entire issue online each month, there isn’t much incentive for people to subscribe to the print version, which makes it hard to stay in business. The good news is, come the following month, all of the previous month’s issue is indeed posted online (just click “Search Archives” on the Witness site— In fact, the archives contain the entirety of every issue of the Witness dating back to 2002.

As Pastor Kreft notes, there are other reasons for going to the online site—Web-exclusive material in the form of more letters-to-the-editor, forums, photo library, e-cards, etc. We sincerely appreciate his encouraging his members to visit the site and hope other pastors will do the same. — Ed.


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