Shedding Some Light

A New Lesson
My two daughters were bickering one afternoon, and they started hitting each other. When I saw Kendall, 4, hit Kerry, 2, I said emphatically, “Kendall! Does Jesus want you to hit your sister like that?”

Without missing a beat, Kendall replied, “No, but Kerry hit me first. And the Golden Rule says, ‘Do to others what you want them to do to you.’”

Our next lesson was about turning the other cheek.

Stephanie Martin
Lakewood, Colo.


Bible Bullets
Upon returning from an evening meeting at church, a woman opened her kitchen door and came face-to-face with a burglar at the other end of her home’s first-floor hall. Startled—and not a little afraid—she blurted out loudly, “Stop! Acts 2:38!” [“Repent and be baptized …”].

The burglar, holding a new TV, stopped dead in his tracks and made no effort to move. The woman picked up her telephone and dialed 911. The police arrived promptly, and as an officer handcuffed the young man, he asked, “Why did you just stand there? All she did was yell a Bible verse at you.”

“Bible verse!” replied the burglar. “I thought she said she had an axe and two 38s.”

Philip Schuppel
Davis, W. Va.

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