Values in Public Schools

I am responding to the letter from Tim Utter (September ’07 Witness).

My children do attend public schools that support family values. They are taught respect, kindness, friendliness, tolerance, and integrity through character building programs. A school’s job is to educate, and often that means teaching topics on which we may have different opinions. Excellent teachers encourage higher level thinking skills which include evaluations, analysis and judgements based on research, facts, and personal beliefs. Should schools teach religion? I say YES! How can we possibly study history, geography, and cultures without learning about the regional beliefs. I wish information about all religions was part of the curriculum. Knowledge is good. My family chose to be a “light” and influence in the public schools including being a positive influence on the faculty and students. Through our contact with those people, I believe we have become better witnesses to God’s love and mercy and the saving grace of Jesus Christ .

Shelley Klein
Santa Maria, CA


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