Worship currents

I enjoyed the article on the new Lutheran Service Book (“His Word-Cast in Song,” October ’06) and commend the Synod’s Commission on Worship for its fine work. I wonder, though, where a similar resource might be for those involved with contemporary-style worship.

In light of all of our urban and ethnic ministries, our outreach to immigrants, our desire to appeal to young families, and our Ablaze! movement in full swing, we will find people coming into our congregations who have not been raised in a traditional worship environment. They may find our traditional worship, beautiful though it is, foreign.

In many places in America today, a contemporary worship style is the most effective way to reach and develop a large and growing segment of our society. I wonder what, if anything, is available or being planned for these people.
Timothy R. Dahlstrom
Litchfield Park, Ariz.

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