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The article on restoring broken relationships (February) is wonderful and timely. Every Lutheran, and every Lutheran congregation, should use this to help reconciliation. We all have those we struggle with in our walk together. Thank you, Ted and Eric.

However, I am a bit concerned regarding how the Lord’s Supper was talked about, and how Matt. 5:23–24 plays into it. One should never think that the Lord’s Supper is something we earn. I don’t believe that coming to offer our gift at the altar has anything to do with taking the Lord’s Supper. Communion is a gift from God to us, not the other way around.

Yes, confession and reconciliation are extremely important for unity in the Body of Christ. But more often than not, a person may know in their heart that they need to go and reconcile with someone. They know it is what God wants and calls us to do. But that person cannot yet do it. It is at that point a person should come and take the gift of our Lord’s Body and Blood for forgiveness, strength, and the resolve to go and reconcile.

Thank you, Lutheran Witness, for providing us with such a wonderful periodical.

Rev. Howard Gleason
St. John Lutheran Church
Burlington, Ill.


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