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I would like to commend The Lutheran Witness for the cover of the May issue. It is the first time I can remember seeing a pastor prominently displayed wearing the full Eucharistic vestments. Pastor Taylor serves as a wonderful example of pastoral ministry and the ability to reach today’s largely non-Christian, cynical generation without sacrificing the historic, liturgical substance of Christian worship. I also appreciated his comments on the need for a “confessional revival.” Thank you for that!

Now, if we can just overcome our fear of ecumenical interaction, the LCMS might develop a deeper, more appropriate understanding of what it means to be part of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.

Rev. Kevin Palmer
Michigan City, Ind.

I hope the lady in her 70s who was looking for joy in Lutheran Witness covers (“Letters,” May) was delighted with the May issue. Yesterday, I had the joy of celebrating the 75th anniversary of my baptism with my Bible-study class. Today in my mail was that wonderful baptismal photo!

As a member of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Riverdale, Ga., I have been blessed to be part of a congregation that haswelcomed hundreds of southeast Asians for almost 30 years. Most came as refugees from Laos in those first years, but now we are able to welcome even a third generation. One of the greatest joys has always been seeing these people who came so far, most never having heard of Jesus, receiving the Sacrament of Baptism and becoming part of God’s family. Little ones, baptized years ago, are now bringing their own infants to receive that wonderful blessing. Even more special is the fact that they are being baptized by a Laotian refugee who became an ordained LCMS pastor more than 16 years ago and serves the church where he was baptized!

With God nothing is impossible. Who would have thought a kid from Ohio would end up in Georgia as part of a mission to people from the other side of the world? Joy can come from the Lord in some unlikely places if we are ready to welcome it.

Carol Storey
Morrow, Ga.

How wonderful to see my pastor, the Rev. Dr. Dien Ashley Taylor, gracing the cover of the May Lutheran Witness. I was surprised that the article, “One Message—Many Messengers: Into All the World,” did not include Redeemer’s mission statement because Pastor Taylor has us recite it every Sunday: “Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church, by God’s grace, is a praying community of service that receives, teaches, celebrates, and shares Christ Jesus.”

If we don’t say it loud enough, we say it again.

Hope Wittrock
Redeemer Evangelical
Lutheran Church
Bronx, N.Y.


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