On target, and not!

I want to compliment you for the creative use of two different images to make one image on the cover of the October Lutheran Witness. It was done well!

Rev. Glenn Zander
St. John Lutheran Church
McMinnville, Ore.

Please look at page 13 of the October Lutheran Witness. Perhaps this page looks nice to the artist who composed it. To me, it is camouflage of the printed word. On page 12 I read, “large-type materials.” On page 13, you hide the print in an assortment of color.

Please note: I did not subscribe to a puzzle magazine! Black on white has always been the easiest to read. Give a hoot for those of us born in 1921.

Henry A. Shave
Peach Bottom, Pa.

P.S. Please make room for comments from old grouches like me: veteran World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Bow hunter. Camouflage has its place. The opposite of camouflage belongs in a publication.


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