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Christmas bloopers your spellchecker won’t catch

  • The Festival Choir will present experts from Handel’s Messiah today at 2 p.m.

  • We ask your help if you play an instrument, sin, or do liturgical dance.

  • The Christmas decorating party begins Sunday at 2 p.m. Bring your saws to cut trees and willing hands.

  • The purpose of this party is to fester Christian fellowship and fun.

  • The Tired Sunday in Advent.

  • Pastor John will deliver the Advent massage.

  • Each Wednesday during Advent, the congregation will gather for prayer, medication, and preparation.

From The Big Book of Church Humor


Good will or goodwill?

My granddaughter and I were visiting a store the week before Christmas. Happy and looking forward to the big day, she was singing quietly, “Glory to God in the highest. Glory to God in the highest. Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace to men of good will.”

“Goodwill!” she exclaimed suddenly. “I don’t like that word. That’s where they take all my toys!”

(Each year before Christmas her parents gathered up all the children’s old toys and donated them to Goodwill Industries.)

Barb Hinrichs
Bethel Lutheran Church
Lawton, Iowa


Come on in? No way!

Young Andy was miffed when he didn’t get the part he wanted in the Sunday School Christmas pageant. He had hoped for the role of Joseph but got stuck with being the innkeeper.

During dress rehearsal, he decided to get even. When Mary and Joseph came to his “inn,” seeking shelter, he said, “Sure, folks, come right in. Plenty of room.”

The perplexed children playing Mary and Joseph paused. But then Joseph, equal to the occasion, said, “Hey, this place is a dump! We’d rather stay in the stable.”

From The Big Book of Church Humor (and a Lutheran Witness original)

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