Empty calories

I am reading my November issue of The Lutheran Witness, and what do my wondering eyes behold but a—what? A metaphorical homily-like piece about a cat? I have no quarrel at all with Rev. Genzen, and nothing he writes is doctrinally suspect. I also realize that the Lifeline article is often a personal refl ection. However, the feline fantasy nature of the piece trivializes the theology. I readily acknowledge that we don’t have to have meat for every meal, but by the same token, the empty calories this story offers up are a little embarrassing. Is this really what we want in our church publication?

Elaine E. Gavin
Naperville, Ill.

I especially enjoyed your recent article on the lessons we can learn from cats. Our dear cat, Tigger, died recently. Her death taught me to give TLC today and not tomorrow.

Augusta R. Mennell
Campus Ministry Director
All Saints Lutheran Church and Student Center
Slippery Rock, Pa.

I read with considerable interest “Life Lessons from a Cat.” Of course, dogs are great teachers, too. So relates Martin Luther in Table Talk. The Reformer writes of his puppy, Tölpel, who sat by the table, looking with open mouth and motionless eyes for a morsel from his master. Luther comments, “Oh, if I could only pray the way this dog watches the meat. All his thoughts are concentrated on the piece of meat.Otherwise he has no thought, wish or hope” (Luther’s Works, 54:37–38).

Dr. George Hanson
Faith Lutheran Church
Kingston, Wash.


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