Shedding Some Light

An Errant Quest

A badly bruised knight returned to the castle of his lord after a long and arduous quest. He was a mess. His armor was dented, his helmet askew, his face scarred, and his lance broken. His horse limped, and the knight himself listed slightly in the saddle.

His lord saw him coming and rushed out to meet him. “What hath befallen thee, Sir Knight? Who hath done this?” he called.

Straightening himself as best as he could, the knight replied: “O Sire, I have been laboring dutifully in thy service, pillaging all thine enemies to the west.”

“To the west,” cried the astonished nobleman. “I have not a single enemy to the west!”

“Oh,” said the knight. After a long pause, he continued, “Well, thou hast now.”

George Kottwitz
Trinity Lutheran Church
Edwardsville, Ill.


A Stitch Times Two!

At brunch after Sunday worship, a mother asked Sandra, her young daughter, what she thought the pastor’s sermon was about. “Don’t be scared, Mommy, you’ll get your quilt,” Sandra replied without hesitation.

Momentarily confused, Mom asked again. “Are you sure, Sandy?”

“Yes, Mommy,’ Sandra stated firmly. “Pastor said your comforter was coming.”

John Krus
St. Louis, Mo.


Following a recent Wednesday worship, one of my members approached me. “How was your circuit pastors quilting meeting on Monday?” she asked.

Noting my puzzlement, she showed me the typo from our bulletin. It combined a quilting announcement and a note announcing our circuit pastors meeting simply to read: QUILTING PASTORS.

Rev. Dean Pfeffer
Hope Lutheran Church
Plant City, Fla.

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