‘What’s a Single Mother to do?’

We agree with all the helpful influences in the sidebar article to your June/July cover story, “Fathers and Sons,” but we feel you have left out an extremely important one, the influence of the heavenly Father in a single-parent home.

Our daughter often reminds her daughter of how their heavenly Father has taken care of them. She points out the presence of the heavenly Father in their lives. Our daughter and granddaughter lean on the power of their heavenly Father as it shows through their hard times. Our extended family thanks God for the strength our daughter and granddaughter gain from their heavenly Father.

Gene and Joan Kasten
Belleville, Ill.


There’s something I need to correct about my article about fathers and sons in the June/July issue of The Lutheran Witness. The sidebar at the conclusion gives suggestions for what single mothers can do. The problem is that the suggestions place the responsibility for action with the single mother, but she already has enough responsibility. The responsibility really lies with the extended congregation, neighborhood, and community families to notice the need and act in love for the single mom. In the Old Testament model I refer to in the article, the community takes the initiative to care for the widow and the fatherless. Were I to re-write the sidebar, it would read “What’s a Congregation to Do?” rather than “What’s a Single Mother to Do?”

Dr. John W. Oberdeck
Concordia University Wisconsin
Mequon, Wis.


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