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In the opening paragraph of your story on the LCMS’ Houston convention, you described Houston as the “fourth-largest metropolitan area in the United States.” Unfortunately, you are misinformed. The fourth-largest metropolitan area in the United States, behind New York (19,069,796), Los Angeles (12,874,797), and Chicago (9,580,567), is Dallas–Fort Worth (6,447,615). Houston (5,867,489) comes in at number six behind Dallas and Philadelphia (5,968,252). This can be easily confirmed by the most recent numbers (7/1/2009) on the Census Bureau website.

Eric Matthaei
Irving, Texas

We stand corrected. Houston is the fourth-largest city in the U.S. Dallas–Fort Worth is the fourth-largest metropolitan area. Blame the editor, not the author. —Ed.

September 2010


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