Breaking down stereotypes

As a missionary in Taiwan, I have always enjoyed reading The Lutheran Witness. After reading the articles, I feel connected with the Church around the world and refreshed in my personal faith. However, as I read the February issue, I noticed something. In all the pictures, whether articles or ads, there seems to be a disturbing trend: everyone is Caucasian. The only people of any noticeably different nationality are the repairman (p. 22) and Concordia Seminary’s black choir (back cover), where the caption points out that this is a special group! I was very frustrated by this because it reinforces the stereotype that the Lutheran church is a white country club. This is a problem I encounter every day as a foreign missionary, trying to show my Asian friends and students that Christ died to save all people, not just white Americans (a common misconception). I hope that our magazines and other publications can show the Lutheran church as a whole, not just one subsection, and begin to break down this stereotype. Maybe then the message of salvation can continue to reach into all parts of the world without discrimination!

Emilie Dubert
Taiwan R.O.C.


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