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While I normally read most of The Lutheran Witness each month, the January issue was especially revealing of the rich treasures with which our Lord has entrusted this church body. From the familiar voice of Rev. Mueller, my own district president, to the review of something I heard in person last year (when Dr. Newton addressed International Student Ministry workers), to the on-target eloquence of Rev. Nunes, this issue is a keeper. May the depth and breadth of theology in these pages guide us in carrying out the mission we have been given.

Indeed, the world needs the Lutheran witness—and I don’t mean (primarily) your publication.

Rev. Eric Wood
Carbondale, Ill.

I believe the January 2010 issue of The Lutheran Witness was the best ever. Great articles and very practical for ministry. It also looked great.

However, I could have lived without the “Zip, Zap, Zoom” wrap-around.

But I digress. Great job! Thank you. We in the field appreciate your work for the Lord and His people.

Dr. Robert Hartwell, Senior Pastor
Village Lutheran Church and The Chapel School
Adjunct Professor, Concordia College
Bronxville, N.Y.

We applaud the new “look” of The Lutheran Witness, especially the attractive covers. Keep up the good work!

Bob and Kay Schmeding
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Roanoke, Va.

I find it interesting that none of the articles in the January issue on post-church culture is from a pastor serving a congregation. Such inclusion might offer a more hopeful outlook.

For example, I recently served a year-long outreach contract for a congregation, the end result being 41 baptisms on one day. Currently, I am life-coaching in two bars. Ten patrons have shown for worship, and more than that, the spiritual dialogue is so very fascinating and fulfilling. Simply said, in a sense, I welcome and relish our so-called post-church culture. We all need to get out more!

Rev. K.C. Bedard, Pastor
Trinity Lutheran Church
New Orleans, La.


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