I believe in the Holy Spirit

Two phrases in the August Lutheran Witness report on the recent LCMS convention impressed me. One was by President–elect Rev. Matthew Harrison who used the phrase “guided by the Spirit of God.” The other was in the final sentence of the convention by President Gerald Kieschnick: “May our almighty God lead this church by the Holy Spirit.”

We know the Holy Spirit causes faith in the Gospel of Christ by which people receive forgiveness from God. Instead of shying away from studies and statements relating to the Holy Spirit because some teachers and groups among the Christian community have gone to extremes, we need to inform our members (including our leaders) what to expect through the Holy Spirit. If we do, we will know how the Spirit, using God’s Word in the Bible, can cause Christians to interact peacefully, and we will realize the results with joy.

Rev. George Gusthe
Oklahoma City, Okla.


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