Life worth living

In all the years I have been privileged to read The Lutheran Witness, rarely have I had the honor to read a finer essay than Dr. Gene Edward Veith’s “In Praise of Work” (September). The beauty of Veith’s little essay is what he says so simply and elegantly: That there is equal dignity and worth in every vocation, the root of which is service to God and our fellow man. This is a simple truth so easily obscured.

God made Luther brilliant, no more so in evidence than when he was writing on the sublimity and sanctity of our work. The rising generation of young Lutherans would do well to read this wonderful essay, both in our Lutheran schools and in our synodical colleges and universities, because it is a beautiful reminder of what makes life worth living.

May Dr. Veith’s book God at Work be widely read and happily absorbed.

Tim Goeglein
Vice President for External Relations
Focus on the Family
Colorado Springs, Colo.


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