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The mission articles in the October 2009 Lutheran Witness explain very nicely international outreach activities in Cambodia, Uganda, Korea, and Hong Kong. These are all worthwhile mission activities under LCMS World Mission and are worthy of support.

However, one glaring piece missing in the “Mission Multiplication” article is the outreach/mission needs right at our back door in Mexico. In fact, mission opportunities in Mexico are not even mentioned in this article or on the LCMS World Mission Web site.

Rather than listing far distant places where people can volunteer their time, why not highlight Mexico’s border towns, and also the needs of its interior locations, where churches are supported by laypeople because of a lack of qualified pastors. Mexico is next door to four states, the population is growing, and the bulk of the people are not being given the good news of Jesus Christ.

Jim Binneboese
Austin, Texas

Editor’s Note: Our Synod began work in Mexico in 1940. At lcmsworldmission.org/latin america, click on “Mexico” for information about Mexico and our work there with our sister/partner church, the Lutheran Synod of Mexico. Three of our LCMS districts—Texas, Rocky Mountain, and Pacific Southwest (www.lcmsdistricts.org)—border Mexico and play leading roles in our Synod’s border mission work. Also, Ysleta Lutheran Mission Human Care in El Paso, Texas, is an RSO of Synod through LCMS World Relief and Human Care. You can learn more about Ysleta Lutheran Mission at www.ylm.org.


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