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The May issue of The Lutheran Witness carried a fine article by President Kieschnick and a longer article of equal quality by the Rev. Charles Werth of Bethesda Lutheran Communities. Both items focused on ministry with and to people with disabilities.

At a previous Synod convention, a task force was formed to deal effectively with this ministry. This task force has done some fine work and is to be complimented for its activity.

This ministry is under the direction of the Board for Human Care, which appears to be an ally of Lutheran World Relief. Much space and effort is given to work in foreign and domestic circles in disaster relief.

This is good. Permit me to suggest that we hear more of what is being done in the area of ministry with and to some 20 to 25 percent of our population in this country who need acceptance and welcome into full participation in Gospel ministry—so well stated in the two articles. I look with hope and expectation for more updates on these efforts.

It is nice to have updates on disaster relief. It would complete the picture to have equal reports on ministry with and to people with disabilities.

Arthur G. Wahlers
Portland, Ore.


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