Shedding Some Light

Splish Splash

A six-year-old girl was baptized in our Sunday service, and our pastor seemed to use an especially adequate amount of water. As he patted her forehead and bangs dry with the cross-embroidered hanky, she proclaimed petulantly, “I already had my bath.”

Lorna Beall
Lebanon, Mo.


Say What?

Our five-year-old grandson has taken an interest in God’s creation. His main interest is the human body. In order to foster his interest, his parents have bought a DVD about the body. After watching it a few times, he was talking with his mom about what he had learned. He told her he had learned Christians have blue blood. His mom thought this wasn’t quite right, so she watched the DVD with him. During the course of the review, they learned that it was not Christians who had blue blood but rather crustaceans.

Rev. Allan Scharlach
Waterloo, Ont.

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