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A GIft for Jesus

When my grandchildren go to church with me, I like to give them each a quarter to put in the collection plate, which they both get very excited about doing. Well, on Easter this year, after dinner, my sisters hid some plastic eggs
around my parents’ yard for the grandchildren to find. There was a surprise inside each egg. After having found them all, the children opened the eggs to see what was inside. When my 3-year-old grandson opened an egg containing two quarters, he excitedly held up the quarters and blurted out, “Look, money for Jesus!”

Michael Peters
Peace Lutheran Church
Alcester, S.D.


‘. . . And the Door Will Be opened’

A nurse on a pediatric ward, before listening to little ones’ chests, would put her stethoscope in their ears and let them listen to their own hearts. Their eyes would always light up with awe, but she never got a response equal to that of 4-year-old David.

Gently, she tucked the stethoscope into his ears and placed the disk over his heart. “Listen,” she said. “What do you suppose that is?”

At the strange tap, tap, tapping, David drew his eyebrows together, and for a moment, he seemed puzzled. Then he broke into a wondrous grin.

“Is that Jesus knocking?” he asked.

Alice Simon
Parker, S.D.

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