Protecting Children

In “A New and Reckless Creed: Children and Culture” (October 2011), Dr. Beverly Yahnke brilliantly compares the Christian creed we confess with the growing godless creed of our culture today in America. Then she points out how Satan attacks our children via that culture. Finally, she offers ideas and encouragement for Christian parents to protect their children from adopting such a godless creed.

But what about those children who are not part of a Christian family? What about those parents who do not know a Christian’s creed? Let’s remember that the Lord Jesus asks us to go beyond Dr. Yahnke’s exhortation. We are to extend our concern beyond the family of faith and to engage in battle against Satan on a much broader scale. Jesus loves all children. Therefore, we who are the body of Christ must find ways to extend our protection to all the children and families of a community.

Dr. Martin Barlau
Loveland, Colo.

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