Shedding Some Light

Beware of Dad
I was greeting students at the door this morning, and one mom said she was upset about her child’s homework. Her daughter had a report on Mexico due, and the two of them made some guacamole to share with her class. The child woke up the next morning to discover Dad and his friends had eaten most of it during the World Series game the night before. This led to a new student excuse: “My dad ate my homework!”

Gary A. Spieler, principal
Green Park Lutheran School
St. Louis, Mo.

The Nina, the Pinta and Little Maria
A teacher at Lutheran school called on one of her students. “Maria,” she said, “Go to the map and find North America.” Maria dutifully did so, pointing to the continent in question. The teacher went on, “Correct. Now, class, who
discovered America?” The class responded in unison, “Maria!”


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