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Words Save Lives

This morning, the kids and I were talking about upcoming events, and we came to the topic of our pastor’s retirement. I said, “In a few weeks, it will be Pastor’s last day at church because he is retiring. Then we will get a new pastor.”

My son Matthew asked, “Then what happens?” My daughter Katelyn joined in and said, “Well, then Pastor gets to go to heaven to be with Jesus.” She paused. “But I thought no one knows when they get to go to heaven to be with Jesus, so how do we know about Pastor leaving?”

At this point, the theological conversation had to be put on hold so I could leave the room to wipe the tears of laughter running down my face. Rest assured, my kids now know the difference between death and retirement.

Judy Meyer
Redford, Mich.


And Lead Us Not into Turtledoves

I am blessed to be able to have my grandchildren in my Sunday School class. After working on the Lord’s Prayer for several weeks, I decided to test my threeyear- old grandson’s knowledge by using a fill-in-theblank approach to each petition, leaving out the last word or two. He did surprisingly well until I got to the Seventh Petition. I said, “But deliver us . . .” and he solemnly filled in, “from eagles.”

Cindy Prater
Elgin, Neb.

September 2011

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