Timely and timeless

The Lutheran Witness (September) issue on the Maier Minutes was both timely and timeless. The Maier menboth Dr. “Wam” and son, Dr. Paulin their lives, books and Jesus perspectives, for almost a century, can give insight about the tumultuous times of our own interim where fear, terrorism, demonic torments and uncertainty mark our days and nights.

Having been honed by the dynamic words of the senior Maier through the Lutheran Hour, in peace and war, Sunday after Sunday, until his death in l950, and again nurtured by his renaissance son, Dr. Paul, with his books and tapes, without equivocation, I submit there is no better onetwo punch in proclaiming Christian faith and in American religious history than in their collective emphasis on the temporal and eternal significance for the Christ-follower with repentance and the belief in the Gospel answer.

Dr. Albert E. Jabs
Lexington, SC

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